When you have a condensation problem, the best solution is the R-Box, which is a mechanical ventilation. This device, which is made in France, has been designed to manage automatically the quality of the air of your house, by expelling humid air outside and getting dry air back into your house. It will also improve the heat distribution of rooms, which will help you save a lot of money on your heating bills. This mechanical system will ensure the air is circulating well in your home and therefore, will protect your health and quality of life.



Extremely quiet (from 22 to 53 DBA up to 1 meter)

Heat recuperation unit mode that allows you to move the natural heat of your attic back into your house.

Automatic or manual control.

We will install a control screen that will inform you of the quality of air and will alert you if you need to change the filter.

The air is purified thanks to high quality filters, used mainly in hospitals to prevent dust, pollution or pollen’s conglomeration in your house.

The system will remove the smells, improve your chimney’s performance and will be able to re-use the natural heat stagnating under your ceiling.

This technique offers a protection against certain gas like radon, by preventing it to come out of the ground.

The R-Box is made of PVC and PMMA, which prevents any condensation on the system.

A progressive heater is integrated into the system with five different temperature levels : 14, 16, 18, 20 or 22 celcius degrees.

The R-Box can manage an area up to 500m3.

Its mesuring tubes enable the system to reduce or increase its flow according to the hydrometric levels in the house.

90% of its components are recyclable.